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Below you will find Brands Boulevard’s general terms and conditions for bringing in articles and selling them via the webshop and the Facebook or Instagram page.

Brands Boulevard assumes that when you bring in and / or make purchases, you have read these terms and conditions carefully and completely, and that you will contact us if you have any questions.

Brands Boulevard is the sole proprietorship of Els Bammens, Begonialaan 21, 3550 Zolder, Belgium.

General conditions


These general conditions apply to all agreements and distance agreements between Brands Boulevard and every supplier that supplies clothing to Brands Boulevard on consignment, or every customer that purchases via the web shop and  the Facebook or Instagram page.


By bringing in clothing, the supplier is expected to have read and accept these terms and conditions. The customer is expected to do the same when placing an order via the web shop and Facebook or Instagram page.


These general conditions also apply to agreements carried out by intermediaries and/or other third parties that were engaged by Brands Boulevard. These intermediaries or other third parties can likewise appeal to these conditions vis-à-vis the supplier and the customer.


The possible nullity of one of the clauses of these general terms and conditions or any special conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The invalid provision will be replaced by a valid provision that resembles it the most.


Brands Boulevard has the right to change its general conditions at any time. This will be done by placing the new, adjusted, conditions on the website. Therefore, the supplier and customer should regularly consult the general terms and conditions.


Brands Boulevard is entitled to transfer the rights and obligations arising from the agreement (in part) to a third party without prior consent of the supplier and the customer.

When to offer articles


Offering second-hand clothing can only be done by appointment.


The clothing stays on offer for 6 months (or otherwise after mutual agreement) via the web shop and the Facebook or Instagram page of Brands Boulevard.



Only high-quality clothing from a well-known brand, from the age of 12, both boys/girls and ladies/gentlemen.


The clothing should be in good condition, i.e. without stains, holes, with properly working zippers and not pilled or fuzzed. Other items, such as shoes, handbags and other accessories should also be of a well-known brand and of good quality. Name tags must be removed.


Shoes must be in perfect condition (i.e. new or hardly ever worn), the soles must be clean, the laces washed and the Velcro rid of fuzz.


The clothing must be freshly washed and ironed prior to the appointment (especially if the clothing was stored in boxes/bags for a long period of time). Clothing that does not meet these requirements can unfortunately not be accepted. If Brands Boulevard still has to iron and/or wash an item, you will be charged 1.5 euros per item (even if it remains unsold).


Think of the following brands as an example: Patrizia Pepe, Pinko, Essentiel, Michael Kors, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Scapa, Anna Rita, Roberto Cavalli, Elisabetta Franchi, Guess, Dolce & Gabbana, Liu Jo, 7 for all man, Giovane, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Vicolo, Imperial, etc.


Ready-made garments are not accepted (Zara, H&M, JBC, Zeeman...) except for clothing that is still new or in very good condition.


In spite of the high quality of the clothing’s photographs, the customer should take into account the fact that the colours may differ from the clothing’s real colours. With the offered clothing come the sizes as indicated on the clothing’s labels. In case of doubt, the customer can contact Brands Boulevard.


The clothing offered by Brands Boulevard is in good condition and is pictured and/or described as clearly and truly as possible. Traces of usage are inherent in second-hand clothing.

Fee - Prices


After having brought in your items, you will receive an email containing a detailed price list with all selected items. The prices assigned to clothing (articles) by Brands Boulevard depend on the quality, prevalence and condition of the offered clothing.


If Brands Boulevard cannot use items after all, this will also be mentioned in the email. These items must be collected within 20 days of receiving the email, unless discussed otherwise. Items that are not collected within this period of time will be donated to a good cause.


After the expiry of the sales term, Brands Boulevard will notify you and provide all details of sold and unsold clothing (articles). You receive 50% of the total amount sold - if your items bring in more than 500 euros, you receive 60%, if your items bring in more than 1.500 euros, you receive 70%. When you choose forUnsold items must be collected within one month unless discussed otherwise. Items that are not collected within this period of time will automatically become the property of Brands Boulevard.


The clothing remains in consignment at Brands Boulevard’s address until the end date agreed upon. if you want to pick it up earlier, you will be charged 10% of the agreed sales price. Brands Boulevard reserves the right to make price adjustments during the sales period.


Brands Boulevard takes the greatest care for your clothing. We always put the clothing on offer via the internet (web shop, Facebook, Instagram...).


The items in consignment are not insured against fire and water damage by Brands Boulevard. This clothing is therefore stored at Brands Boulevard or at an appointed third party (storage/shipping location) at the supplier’s own risk.


In the unlikely event that the supplier has a complaint about the delivery or the placement of the clothing via the web shop and the Facebook or Instagram page, they must report this to Brands Boulevard as soon as possible by email, whereupon Brands Boulevard will attempt to resolve this complaint to supplier’s satisfaction.


The prices stated on the web shop and the Facebook or Instagram page are in euros and include VAT. In principle, they exclude shipping costs (unless indicated otherwise by Brands Boulevard).


After placing an order via the web shop and the Facebook or Instagram page, Brands Boulevard confirms this order with an email, mentioning the total costs, including shipping costs, to the customer.


The order’s shipment is initiated upon receipt of payment.

Delivery, Terms of Delivery and Shipping & Handling Costs


The place of delivery is the address that the customer has declared to Brands Boulevard via the web shop and the Facebook or Instagram page. The supplier and customers, who regularly order and offer clothing through the web shop or social media channels, must inform Brands Boulevard (by post or by email) of a change of address. As long as Brands Boulevard has not received a change of address, the respective customer or supplier will be assumed to be resident of the last address known to Brands Boulevard.


Brands Boulevard will dispatch the accepted and paid orders made via the web shop and the Facebook or Instagram page, unless a longer delivery period has been agreed upon. Brands Boulevard will send the customer a shipping confirmation email when the clothing is shipped. If the delivery is delayed by more than 20 days, or if the order cannot or can only partially be carried out, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. In that case, the customer has the right to terminate the agreement without any costs, in which case Brands Boulevard will reimburse the amount paid by the customer (excluding shipping and handling costs) as soon as possible, certainly not later than 30 days after termination.


The customer is obliged to take the clothing delivered by Brands Boulevard when it is placed at their disposal. If the customer refuses to take delivery or neglects to provide necessary information or instructions for the delivery, Brands Boulevard is authorised to store the clothing at the customer’s own expense and risk.


The order will be sent via a logistics service provider to be designated by Brands Boulevard, with an allowance for shipping and handling costs. If the customer places an order of more than € 150, no shipping and handling costs will be charged.

Retention of title


All clothing supplied by Brands Boulevard in the context of the agreement remains the supplier’s property until the customer has properly and completely fulfilled all obligations under the agreement with Brands Boulevard, including at least the timely and full payment of the amount due.


The customer must always do everything that can reasonably be expected of them to secure the property rights of the supplier.


If third parties seize the clothing delivered under retention of title and want to establish or enforce their rights on it, the customer must notify Brands Boulevard immediately.



Brands Boulevard is only liable for damage that results from or is related to an attributable shortcoming or wrongful act that was caused by intent or gross negligence on Brands Boulevard’s part. This liability is limited to direct damage up to the invoice value of the order concerned.


Brands Boulevard is also not liable for damage of whatever nature, including tax damage, resulting from incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the supplier or customer.


Brands Boulevard is not liable for any damage or costs due to the use of electronic means of payment and electronic means for communication with the website, including - but not limited to - damage due to non-delivery or delay in the delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software or equipment used for electronic communication and transfer of computer viruses. Brands Boulevard ensures appropriate security based on generally accepted security systems.

Force Majeure


Brands Boulevard is not obliged to fulfil any obligation vis-à-vis the customer and/or supplier if it is prevented from doing so as a result of force majeure.


Force majeure is present if the shortcoming is the result of circumstances beyond Brands Boulevard’s control, including in any case: war or similar situations, rioting, strikes, occupation, blockades, illness of Brands Boulevard’s staff, shortcomings of furnishers and/or transporters of Brands Boulevard, government measures such as transport bans, natural disasters, bad weather, lightning strikes, fire and explosions. Brands Boulevard also has the right to invoke force majeure, if the circumstance that prevents (further) observance of the agreement occurs after Brands Boulevard was expected to have fulfilled its commitment.


During the period of force majeure, Brands Boulevard can suspend the obligations under the agreement. If this period lasts longer than two months, either party is entitled to dissolve the agreement, without any obligation to pay damages to the other party.

Defects of Sold Clothing


At the time of receipt, the customer must examine the clothing and report any detected defects or erroneous delivery as soon as possible, but not later than 5 working days, by email to Brands Boulevard, stating name, first name and article number. In this case, Brands Boulevard will attempt to resolve this complaint to the customer’s satisfaction.

Returning items is possible within 14 calendar days and is at the customer’s own expenses. Once we receive your item in good condition we will refund the full purchase amount.



Copyright is applicable to all photos and images shown on the website and Facebook/Instagram page of Brands Boulevard.


No photo may be reproduced and/or made public through print, photocopy, photo of photo, microfilm, digital means or in any other way, without prior written permission from Brands Boulevard.



Please consult the Privacy Policy page for all topics related to cookies, privacy and data.

Waiver of rights


The non-exercise or late exercise of a right arising from the general or special conditions will not be considered a waiver of rights. The non-exercise or partial exercise of a right does not prevent the subsequent exercise of that right or any other right arising from the general or special conditions.

Applicable Law


If amicable dispute resolution proves impossible, the courts of Hasselt are competent. Belgian law applies.

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